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Our experience includes over 20 years in the surveying field with work for private development companies and government agencies in Puerto Rico and the United States. Examples include: Solar City (in PR and several East Coast states), the PR Industrial Development Corporation (PRIDCO), the PR Electric Power Authority (PREPA), and the US Corps of Engineers. Our business is now are expanding to Florida.

With three brigades, we are capable of covering the whole state of Florida and provide your company with extensive experience in site development, local regulatory land-use approvals, facility construction planning, scheduling, and budgeting as well as Right of Way design.

Atlantic Surveyors and Mappers LLC has Florida Professional Surveyor and Mapper Business Certificate #LB8026 (Feb. 2019) and its president, Mack Rodríguez, has Florida Professional Surveyor and Mapper License #LS6944 (Feb. 2019) as well as Puerto Rico Professional Surveyor License #16759.


For more information or a quote, contact us at (407) 717-9867, (407) 900-3349 or by email at:

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